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Pc companion not updating xperia s

Simply hold the Volume Down the Power key then count to 20, if there is no response then let go of the keys and then briefly press and release the power key and it should start right up.

So for example, let’s say your Sony Xperia Ion froze or will not power on.If for some mysteriously unlucky reason your Sony Xperia Ion is still not responding then it might have stopped working and might just need to be replaced.You bought a good phone but unfortunately sometimes phones malfunction and need to be replaced.Hi Maxx, If you have tried everything mentioned above (make sure you try the simulated battery pull, AND the Sony PC Companion) and you still cannot get your Sony Xperia to turn back on or respond then try and charge your phone for a while (an hour or two) then try the steps mentioned in this article again (don’t forget to unplug your phone from the charger when you do the simulated battery pull).If you let a mobile phones battery run down to zero on accident then sometimes it can be hard to get the lithium ion battery to charge up like normal again.So if your Sony Xperia is still frozen or will not power on then try holding the Volume Up and the Power key at the same time for 20 seconds. Seriously, this should power cycle the phone and might require a few attempts for success.Tip: if it doesn’t work after a few attempts then make sure to remove the phone from a power source, so if it’s plugged into a charger then unplug it.This simple tool is amazing for a frozen or locked up Sony Xperia, or if your phone is showing a white/blue/black screen, if it’s having navigation problems, or for any reason you can’t seem to power the phone off yourself all you need to do is the simulated battery pull.To do a simulated battery pull on a Sony Xperia you basically follow the same steps as you would when doing a simulated battery pull on the Motorola Atrix HD, all you have to do is hold the Volume Down button and then the Power key and hold these two buttons down simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds.You just got to know how to do it for your specific device.I am glad I could help you get your phone up and running properly again.

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