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Which, she is beautiful on the outside and probably on the inside instead of the guttermouth trash your used to looking for.

The Nuggets are definitely doing good getting Iguodala but not sure why they needed to throw in a draft pick after giving up two players. I don’t know what the Magic management was thinking but maybe they know something we don’t about potential recruits.

At least Magic fans can celebrate that they don’t have to hear anymore about Howard.

Pau does not have to ask your permission whom he should date. You don't have to accuse me of being a spamer or a troll.

Pau does not have to ask your permission whom he should date.

Lebron James scored 19 points and Kobe Bryant added 17 in the win.

Pau Gasol was Spain’s high point man with 23 points.

But alas if the Lakers can’t convince him to stay then I’m sure the endorsement dollars will.

Bynum is also not willing to sign an extension with the 76ers but that might change. The Lakers are definitely winning with Howard they have a real shot at the Championship next year.

Now if they could just get rid of coach Mike Brown my Laker fantasy would be complete.

It is still debatable how this trade will work out for the 76ers.

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