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The effect really comes down to the full immersion into the character.

Matthau reasons that Lemmon, an experienced ballroom dancer, needs a break, a breath of sea-air as it were, and the chance to meet new people.

Matthau also figures that Lemmon can help him with all that dancing stuff; otherwise, his cover will be blown.

She gives light-footed O’Connor, in his last film role, an opportunity to show he still has the right moves in a snappy solo routine and in an additional number in which he, as previously noted, teams with powerhouse Stritch.

No less than (then) influential film critic Janet Maslin singled out O’Connor in her otherwise mostly dismissive review.

She writes, “Also here, and in a fine position to give dance instruction, is Donald O’Connor. O’Connor hasn’t enough to do and mostly stands by cheerfully, sometimes the film just stops to let his fancy footwork draw a well-deserved round of applause.” Additionally, TV vets Rue Mc Lanahan (Emmy winner from perennial fave ) appear as the fluttery proprietor of the cruise line and yet another perky passenger on the prowl for romance, respectively.

Oh-so-distinguished Edward Mulhare, whom many of us remember from his Emmy nominated turn in the TV adaptation of (a role he inherited from no less than Rex Harrison), smolders as a shadowy figure who also has designs on Cannon (also Mulhare’s last big screen role).

While the duo’s ‘s fast track through the development process, the stars are goofier here, more likable and entertaining, and less, well, grumpy, caustic, and (for me) hard to take.

This sunnier variation more readily lends itself to repeat viewings.

True, he runs a tight ship and means every word of every one of his threats, yet we can also see that he’s as big a schemer and a manipulator as is Matthau’s character.

Godwyn just has a bigger scheme in mind–and it involves schmoozing Mc Clanahan’s big bucks business woman.

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