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Passover dating

(p5-6) In essence, the Jubilee calendar was the one used by the Qumran sect: surveys of this can be found in [FL:146-156] although no mention of the intercalation is mentioned; and in [VP:126-l30].

In all other years the Essene Passover Eve fell in a different week or fell after (not before) the Jewish Passover. * add 2 hours to convert UTC/GMT to Jerusalem timezone using US Naval Observatory data ** Assume Essenes "set" their calendar to 1 Nisan Wednesday on the Vernal Equinox: The differences in which day of the week Passover was observed between the Essenes and the Jews (Pharisees, Sadducees, etc.) is due to their different practices in starting their respective annual calendars.

30 is the only year in which Jesus could both observe Passover in the upper room and then Himself be the sacrificial Passover Lamb of God the following day on Jewish Passover.

The Fourmilab Calendar Converter determines Hebrew dates according to the Jewish method and Hillel II rules.

No certain answer can be given, because it is so difficult to determine the history of the community and the motives of their conduct as long as our data are incomplete." (p7) I believe we now have sufficient evidence not only to identify our gate as the Gate of the Essenes but also to conclude that a community of Essenes lived here on Mount Zion in Jesus' time.

Bargil Pixner, "Jerusalem’s Essene Gateway - Where the Community Lived in Jesus’ Time", Biblical Archaeology Review, Volume 23 Number 3 May/June 1997, p4 Qumran, therefore, was not the only Essene settlement in Judea, but rather a large Essene center.

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