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Pagan polyamory dating

They have been happily married and polyamorous for almost 40 years.

They've shared 20 years of that with their partner Julie.

Oberon (birth name Timothy Zell) started the Stranger in a Strange Land-inspired Church of All Worlds in 1962, helped to promote Stranger and ideals of group love as the 1960s counterculture grew, and became a central character in the development of Neo-Paganism, including the strong poly streak that continues to run through the Pagan world. Today both Oberon and Morning Glory are cancer survivors who beat tough odds.

The title of the full Destination America episode is "Swinging and Free Love." Bianca Ritchie, production coordinator for the Hidden in America series, informs us that "the episode runtime is 43 minutes and will include segments on the rise of swinging culture during the sexual revolution, modern swinging culture, distinguishing between Polyamory and swinging, a Polyamory community in Boston, and of course Oberon, Morning Glory and Julie." Deborah Anapol will also have a role.

To see if the Destination America channel is on your cable, use the channel finder. To flirt, to have new adventures — so a monogamous life simply would not work for me.

To check if the schedule has changed again (and to find the likely reruns), see the Hidden in America schedule as the date draws near. Any more than you "become" gay, or "become" female.

I know some wonderful poly folks and have a lot of respect for that lifestyle choice. I’m not poly myself, mainly because I detest talking about feelings and relationships, but also because I find one man a lot of work and can’t imagine having time or energy for two or three.

But for the purpose of watching Showtime’s Yeah, so my verdict is that this is a bad representation of polyamory as I understand it and have witnessed it among my friends.

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