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Glassdoor really has a soul as an organization, and I have learned a lot about culture and management from my time here. In terms of benefits, there is no 401(k) match, would I would like to see happen someday.

Otherwise, the benefits are great and management are constantly looking for ways to improve them, by surveying employees. Our headquarters are in Marin because of a historical accident, really.

There is real work-life balance at Glassdoor, if you make a priority for yourself.

My managers have always been committed to helping me learn and find success.

Free lunch in Mill Valley is great and I have found compensation to be competitive for late-stage start-ups.

There are no other top tech companies in Marin (putting Auto Desk aside) for a reason -- it's probably not a sustainable location for Glassdoor long term.

We are in a very competitive industry and I'm hesitant long-term about our ability to grow and thrive as a company.

Advice to Management Please continue your investment in employee training, and learning and development.

They are paying off in terms of engagement and people feeling like they have an upward path at Glassdoor.

-Our Chicago office is great, even though location is a little difficult for commuters.

It would be amazing if there was the option to use the gym downstairs for free!

While an IPO would be nice -- because it will cash out many option holders -- there is plenty of capital in private markets, and an IPO is frankly mostly just a badge of honor.

Maybe we forget about an IPO, stay private, and drive the company deep into profitable territory.

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