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Outlook cached mode not updating gal

If you create another folder in Outlook containing contacts you can manually assign this folder to be an OAB: So now you have two OAB's, the default contacts folder and your custom contacts folder.

To change this interval: If you want to check for changes on other computers immediately and don't want to wait until the time interval has elapsed click the Osa Sync menu option check for changes on other computers.

If you do not want Osa Sync to check for changes automatically fill out 0 minutes in the check for changes ... If Osa Sync is configured to exchange files only via FTP then the check for changes box is greyed out because this interval only applies to checking for changes on the local network or on peer computers in peer-to-peer mode.

I want to sync Outlook 2007 on Vista with Outlook 2013 on Win 8.1?

Yes, Osa Sync can sync computers running different Outlook versions on different operating system versions together in one sync group so it doesn't matter which Outlook and Windows versions are used.

Each other computer checks on a regular basis to see if there are any temporary files created and imports the changes into outlook.

When these temporary files are processed the contents of the Outlook folders is the same again (= they are in sync).

What is Osa Sync supposed to do: Basically this is simple: keeping the contents of Outlook folders the same on multiple computers (=synchronization).

How does this work: Osa Sync keeps track of all changes made in a synced folder and copies these changes to temporary data files.

If you create a new contact in OE it is also created (by Windows) in the Outlook contacts folder.

Now it gets a bit confusing: When you click the address book icon in the Outlook standard toolbar or select Tools - Address book...

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