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That proffer froze the existing collection even though it remains in the custody of the Center until such time as no longer needed by the Center's employees and required the establishment of a second collection to accession new materials. The Center of Military History provided the grant that made the exhibition possible. Arthur discussing the evolution of historical coverage of military deployments and operations from the A, B, C team during WWII to the current Military History Detachments (MHD) in Iraq. Army Center of Military History established this collection in 1984 when it closed the original Historical Resources Collection (dating back to 1920 as part of the holdings of the Historical Division, Army War College) and tendered the initial proffer to the National Archives and Records Administration. MUSEUM, BLACK MORAVIANS Pamphlet about the historical exhibition “Black Moravians’ Contributions in the Revolutionary War,” prepared by the Mattye Reed African Heritage Center, Greensboro, NC. Army, Clio in Desert Shield/Desert Storm Paper by Billy A.Testimony of Dreska, John P., General, Readiness Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, House Statement by Major General John Dreska, Director, Defense Commissary Agency, to the Readiness Subcommittee to give a progress report “on the establishment of the new Defense Commissary Agency”.

newspaper published by 14 th Public Affairs Detachment, ARCENT – Kuwait for the military community in Kuwait.

Volume 19, Issue 25, December 20, 2000 and Volume 19, Issue 26, December 27, 2000. Pete Williams, ASD, Public Affairs News Brief dated 23 April 1991 from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) regarding the Air Force Advanced Tactical Fighter.

The new collection, commonly identified as HRC2, continues to utilize the War Department Decimal File organizational system to remain compatible with its predecessor. ARMY TROOP USE IN DOMESTIC SITUATIONS Information papers on the use of the military as an instrument for the suppression of insurrection and rebellion, and the enforcement of the law, and natural disasters, includes background documentation such as listings of natural disasters the Army has assisted with, “Homefront Battlefront, Military Racial Disturbances, Zone of the Interior, and “The U. Army and Domestic Disturbances.” POLITICS, RELIGION, AND SOCIAL CHANGE: THE FIRST CRUSADE "Politics, Religion, and Social Change: Framework and Momentum of the First Crusade" by Cadet James E. Autumn, 1982, by Arnaldo Momigliano that discusses the trend of skepticism towards the value of historical evidence, and the rumor that historians manipulate date to make propaganda for the political, social, and religious beliefs they believe in.

Unlike its predecessor, however, the new collection is cataloged only on this electronic file, and is not included in the Historical Resources Branch's 5"x8" card index. ALLEGED MASSACRE AT CAMP VAN DORN, MS, 1943 Information paper by Dr.

Edgar Raines: To provide information on the Army response to queries about an alleged massacre of African-American soldiers in the 364 th Infantry Regiment during World War II.

PUBLICATIONS, THE CHINESE MASSACRE Booklet, “The Chinese Massacre at Rock Springs, Wyoming Territory, September 2, 1885.” Published in Boston by the Franklin Press: Rand, Avery, & Company, 117 Franklin Street, 1880.

Cross Reference: BRAC; installations; posts; drawdown. TIME, EUROPEAN THEATER OF OPERATIONS: WORLD WAR II An explanation of the timekeeping system used in Western Europe by the Armed Forces of the World War II belligerents. CONSTITUTION BICENTENNIAL United States Army Ordnance Missile and Munitions Center and School publications: "The Celebration of the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution at the U. Army Ordnance Missile and Munitions Center and School During Constitution Week 1990" and "The Celebration of the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution at the U. Army Ordnance Missile and Munitions Center and School During Constitution Week 1991".

TRADITIONS, DINING-IN/OUT Invitation cover letter to a formal dining-out given by the “CAN DO Regiment,” 1st Battalion 15th Infantry, 7 June 1986 in the Kitzingen Officer’s Club.

FY 1990 Department of the Army Budget Overview TESTIMONY OF WIGG, DAVID G., DEPUTY ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE Statement by Mr. The deputy secretary addressed the “issue of military construction vis-à-vis base rights and access agreements and the host country concerns in locations where negotiations are underway or anticipated.” MILITARY GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL AFFAIRS, U. ARMY EXPERIENCE Collection of papers presented as part of Subject Matter Expert Exchange Program, 12 March 1993.

Wigg before the Subcommittee on Readiness Sustainability and Support, Committee on Armed Services, and the U. Cross Reference by Paper Topic: Advising in Vietnam; The Army's Experience in Pacification; Lessons of War From My Lai; The U. Army and Training in Military Government and Civil Affairs; The U. Army Historical Experience with Civil Affairs and Military Government; The Military in Economic and Social Development; Military-Civil Relations and Security Assistance; The American Military Government in Cuba, 1898-1902.

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