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Jackson walks her dog Roxy so she looks like she belongs in the neighborhood. That was the deal-breaker for Katie who wondered why a man that age never married.

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She asked us not to show her face or use her real name.

The surveillance lasted three days and Jackson didn't find anything suspicious. He has no property and no major assets, not even a car. Wine Country," was the one Katie was interested in the most.

That wasn't the case with the background checks she did for Katie on Big Daddy, Sailor and Mr. We were there when Jackson shared her results with Katie."So the first thing I look for that is most important in dating obviously is, 'Is he safe? Jackson describes him as a ghost because she couldn't find out much about him. She already knew he owned a wine business and was very successful and was interested in having a long term relationship."He has been married.

This online dating phenomenon has literally taken the world by storm and has changed many people’s lives for the better, allowing them to meet like for like individuals who are after the same thing.

However, most positive things come with a negative and online dating is no different.

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