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At this seminar you are going to speak and act with enthusiasm. But even though you might not view yourself as an enthusiastic person, during this day's seminar you can be enthusiastic.

it is prudent for all who are considering marriage to undergo this test." (cited in Jewish Observer, May, 1986) Having trust in the Almighty gives a person peace of mind and serenity.Of course God can override that system (and He often does - that's what we call "miracles").But God prefers to remain somewhat hidden - to preserve our quest to find Him.So that's why if you want the money, it helps to buy a lottery ticket.Though of course, don't go out and buy a whole stack of tickets." Replies God, "You should have bought a ticket." While the obvious message is that "God helps those who help themselves," I imagine that God doesn't need someone to purchase a lottery ticket.I once received a lottery ticket in the mail as part of a marketing promotion. So, if I want to win the lottery, should I buy a ticket?Obviously God wants us to be active and involved in bringing perfection to the world.The second answer is that God made a system called "nature," through which He operates.As for Stuyvesant's refusal to allow a synagogue, history would take revenge: On this same date in 1897, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary was incorporated as America's first Orthodox Jewish rabbinical seminary.One way to increase your level of enthusiasm is to view an entire day as an enthusiasm seminar.

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