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Online dating criminal record file check

my Back partners with Canadian police agencies to conduct Criminal Record Checks based on the Name and Date of Birth of an applicant.

my Back complies with all federal and provincial privacy laws, with full details available at our website's Privacy Policy.

All my Back employees undergo extensive personal screening and are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Back Check has met or surpassed those accreditation standards to the satisfaction of the partnering police agencies and the RCMP (CPIC and CCRTIS).

The information given to our clients is provided by an authorized Canadian Police Agency.

Checks resulting in a “Not Clear” determination will also indicate confirmation of disclosure, when provided by the individual.

Please note: Specific details of a criminal record conviction cannot be released without fingerprint verification.

Individuals completing checks for a particular organization that invited them to my Back are provided with the ID verification options approved for use by the requesting organization.

my Back is proud to offer its users identity verification via Trans Union Authentication, providing a completely online Canadian Criminal Record Check experience.

Any information discovered will be as the record exists on the date of search.

Results will also contain any disclosure of criminal history, as entered by the individual.

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