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On dating stages in prebiotic chemical evolution

It would be foolish to suggest that the construction of the filtering device we call a kidney is out of our experience when we actually build kidneys; we just call them dialysis machines.

The kidney and heart are just two of many examples of systems that exist in the living world of which we have experience.

We could have mentioned the navigational systems of birds and sea turtles, the sonar of bats, and the electrical generating systems of eels and other animals to name just a few.

Experience teaches us that highly sophisticated filtering devices do not make themselves, any more than suits make themselves. There is another mechanical device that is well within our experience: the electric pump. The human heart is nothing more and nothing less than an electric pump.

It operates on the exact same principles of physics as every other electric pump on the planet Earth.

Richard Dawkins also admits to the obvious truth of this point.

On dating stages in prebiotic chemical evolution

However, unlike Hitchens (a non-scientist) who downplays pre-Darwin belief in God by describing it as a "default position" and a "compromise," Dawkins states categorically that before Darwin he "could not imagine" being an atheist: than I do with the distinguished modern philosopher, a well known atheist, with whom I once discussed the matter at dinner. "How did Hume explain the organized complexity of the living world? "He didn't" said the philosopher, "Why does it need any special explanation?(Sonleitner, NCSE Website) Furthermore, as David Hume points out, we can only hypothesize [a designer of a watch], because we know by experience what the cause of watches are.We have no experience of causes of the universe, so we are not justified in making any assumption about who or what they might be.The simplest and easiest to understand of all the arguments ever offered by believers is the Argument from Design. It goes as follows: The existence of a suit implies the existence of the tailor who made the suit.The existence of a poem on a piece of paper implies the existence of the poet who created that poem.In the debate between skeptics and believers the disagreement is not about the validity of the Argument from Design. The point of contention is the following: Does the incontrovertibly true Argument from Design apply to living organisms?Skeptics raise two basic objections to applying the Argument from Design to the world of living systems: 1) ideas found in the writings of a highly influential 18th century Scottish philosopher by the name of David Hume, and 2) Darwinian Evolution. Related Article: The Origins of Life Hume, in his book Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, shows that the Argument from Design ... Norman Kemp Smith, late professor of metaphysics at Edinburgh, in his introduction to Hume, explicitly points out that organisms are not like designed, manufactured objects.We are not discussing the "causes of the universe" or the "origin of worlds," i.e., things of which we have no experience.Suppose someone is unfortunate enough to suffer from impaired kidneys and must be hooked up to a dialysis machine several times a week.Before we actually deal with the objections raised by atheists and skeptics, I want to stress: Nobody disagrees with the Argument from Design.There is nobody in his right mind who does not understand that the existence of the suit itself proves the existence of the tailor who made the suit and that the poem itself proves the existence of the author of that poem.

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