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Older men dating younger women blogs

For many older men, dating younger women can seem like an impossible challenge.

God bless 16 year old, you are very young to make a lifetime's committment to someone. If he loves you, he will wait for you to get over your teens and have some fun with people your own age.

Maybe you don't like people your own age, but still you are very young to decide about marriage yet. I am like you and my husband is 23 years older than me. I believe that God has the one person for each of us that we are meant to be with..mates. I didn't even know how old he was until 8 months into the relationship. age of man or woman has NOTHING to do with the divorce rate.

As far as minors go, we as a society must draw the line. After several years of being on my own I have fallen in love with a man 21 years my senior. I feel God has brought us together and I couldn't be happier. I learn something every day from my beautiful wife, she may be young but God has given her great wisdom through the adversity she has experienced. With God in our lives anything is possible I have no problem with it.

It has become so perverted and abusive the law MUST protect our children. I have known him for many years but never considered that we might fall in love. My mom was decades younger than my father and they had a wonderful life together while god allowed.

and you meet a man who's fairly older than you and you two are completely compatable, then perhaps dating/marriage to him may be a wise decision.

I'm unbelieveably surprised that your parents would allow you to date a guy that much older than you when you are only 16.

Ancient societies had young women marrying older men, and the divorce rate was zero.

So why can't we return to the way things should be?

Praying for you tonight, God bless you, Mary hi my name is tina and i am married to a man who is 24 years older than me have been together 5 years married 2 we have so much in common but here lately i have been stricken with fear about our future by the way we just had a baby .could anyone give some encouragement. If you can't handle the view of 'society', you owe it to this man to end the relationship ASAP. This type relationship may work for some but not for everyone. NO CLUE how to guide his children who are ALWAYS in trouble guidance is taught ..learn early ..never learn A man should be both older in years and of mind.

Honestly, if you are having all these problems with the age gap, you need to break up. If you are faced with this decision, you will have to decide for yourself, what will work for you. He is to0 lead , Its always better that a young woman marry an older man. You are 22 years old , the day will come when you have children you love like nothing else before.

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