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Okcupid interracial dating statistics

In fact, she doesn’t seem to offer any explanation whatsoever for these patterns of responses.

If I had to, I would guess that her explanation, if simplified somewhat, would reduce to “racism did it”, but it’s hard to tell.

I would like to try and pick up some of that explanatory slack.

It sounds as if she’s condemning other people for their sexual preferences in that respect.

There are many comments to make about this, but let’s start with this one: apparently, there’s something of a no-win situation being erected from the get go.

Rather than just considering the direction the preferences in the data above, then, let’s consider some of the actual numbers: When it came to response rates, regardless of whether we were considering men or women, and regardless of whether we’re considering the highest or lowest response rates, black individuals seem to respond more often than any other group; sometimes around twice as often. We would likely find the same for many, many other factors.

This could be indicative of a number of different factors, though I won’t speculate as to which ones on the basis of the numbers alone. In addition to determining the extent of how much race matters, one might also wish to explain race might matter.

This brings us to the second issue: mating decisions are often complex.

There are dozens of potential variables that people assess when choosing a mate—such as how much money they have, how much they weigh, how tall they are, their age, their relatedness to us, etc.—and the importance of these qualities also varies somewhat depending on the nature of the relationship (whether it is more short- or long-term, for instance).

Similarly, just because people on these dating sites might respond to black people at the lowest rates, it does not mean they “devalue” black people more generally.

But maybe we do devalue certain racial groups, at least when it comes to dating them.

If I were to state instead that, “I have have no interesting in dating a black woman”, I would likely still receive some condemnation, but probably less than for the first statement.

Finally, if I were to state that, “I have no interest in dating a man”, I would receive very little, if any, condemnation for it, even from those who advocate strongly for gay rights.

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