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Experience a fresh new way to meet real people for casual dating, love, and friendship.Get Started Now: One of my friend's finally convinced me to try Absolute when I was in a bit of a dry spell.This went on for about a year or so until I stopped it at the beginning of my sophomore year in high school.

I wanted too of course, but I was very nervous about what I was doing. Whenever we would stay the night at each other’s house we would play truth or dare. Now I realize my entry title says sex with my step bother, but I never had really had sex with him. We would dare each other to something for just a few seconds.

We mainly just messed around with each other’s cock, gave each other head and would eventually jerk each other off (I’m not trying to pull a Bill Clinton here, but I’m sure gay sex to most people means anal sex). As time went on the dares got longer until we just kinda did what we wanted to each other.

He said they mainly did some of the same stupid stuff, but also that his cousin had dared him to touch his dick.

I think he was bringing it up to see how I would react. Again most of it was still stupid stuff, but at the end we dared each other to touch each other’s dicks.

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He is referred to as super annoying step brother in this post on Anginae’s blog, so I will call him SASB for short here.I often felt a sense of pride that I was able to beat being gay and he didn’t. Right now he is one of the last people I want to know.I’ve never really been completely comfortable around him.I wanted to be as far away from him and what we had done as possible. No blood relation of course, but still, sucking your step brother’s dick is pretty weird. It was just a way to get off with a guy and I liked it. Partly because I was ashamed of being gay and also because I was doing stuff with SASB. I guess then I can find out if what we did really meant something to him. I really don’t know what he thinks of me and I don’t really care. What we had done in the past is one reason, but also I don’t trust him.He is the type of person who always seem to be working an angle to get something out of people. Anginae now thinks he has always had feelings for me; more than just as a step brother that is.He as always gotten on my nerves a bit, hence the name.He would come over to my house and I would go over to his.We never did anything to each other, but some it involved showing each other our dicks and so forth. A few weeks later I spent the night at his house again.He told me his cousin had spent the night the week previous and they played truth or dare again.

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