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Jim also shared this photo of Jack Slavin's sister Isabella Elizabeth Slavin, who was also born in England and came to Pennsylvania in 1865.

James was a son of Owen and Mary Slevin of California; a brief obituary for Mary appears on this site.

Linda is looking for Lucinda's parents; some think it may be one of the families who had been living in Sevier County, Arkansas, during the 1840's (John or Robert Slaven).

Thanks to Linda and to Mark Bowlby for sharing the photo.

His father Tony was reading a story about an auction of Beatles memorabilia at Sotheby's when he was surprised to see his name-- another Tony Slavin owned the Liverpool barbershop that figures prominently in the lyrics of "Penny Lane"!

"Jeff" Slavens of Audrain County, Missouri, was a son of William Fletcher Slavens, grandson of Thomas M.

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