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Eleven episodes of , which follows the Miami Dolphins training camp, will “reference” Johnson’s status on the team.But, according to a rep for the network, it’s unclear how big of a role the incident will play in Tuesday’s episode given the developing nature of the story." /The show sends the message that, in the spirit of cutting down a dating pool, it's perfectly fine to judge women on appearances alone.

It’s been almost five years since Chad Johnson last played an NFL down.

His topsy-turvy private life has been so prevalently public, his social media accounts such a stream of consciousness, it can be easy to forget that in a former life, Johnson was one of the NFL’s most exciting wide receivers. Maybe not to the extent that some other professions have options. I think teams are more concerned with him getting his life together and not really focusing on football, really focusing on him.

He showcases both in our candid conversation that runs a gamut of subjects from Bill Belichick’s movie doppelganger to Johnny Manziel’s future. Almost every year they get to the playoffs and at some point they’re going to crack that door, get past the first round and before you know it they’ll be playing for the chip.

Parents need to know that although this VH1 reality series is a bit tamer than a lot of other dating competitions on TV, it's still not a great choice for older teens.

Once the show gets going, Ochocinco actually reveals himself to be a pretty good guy who doesn't drink, rejects the party lifestyle, and seems to want women who are more than just bimbos.

But his willingness to let the female contestants be objectified in his name stands out against his better qualities.

It was as Ochocinco that he did most of his reality TV work which included a dating show on VH1 called "Chad Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch." But he said Tuesday the name change (back to his birth name) is already in the works, though he did not specify when it will be official.

Until then, we're guessing that the man born Chad Johnson in Miami in 1978 will answer to either name.

• JACOBS: The ‘challenging’ rule that should be changed Now 38, Johnson wears many hats, and one of his newer ventures is co-hosting a weekly podcast with NFL Network’s Jamie Dukes. • KING: Jerry Jones on Johnny Manziel's future, the NFL after LA, more MJ: CJ: Most definitely. It’s still a great game but the rules take away from the ability to have fun and entertain as a player. He’s done a masterful job protecting the NFL shield which is one of the reasons the owners voted for him to be commissioner.

Johnson’s voice is an original—in some parts refreshing, in some jaw-dropping. I have access to people that other people who do podcasts don’t have. But this is the key for Cleveland: Management has to allow him the freedom to do what he needs to do to improve them offensively, defensively and on special teams. In Cincinnati, Mike Brown allowed Marvin [Lewis] the freedom to build a team and get them to where they are now. MJ: CJ: I’m going to have a television show and I’m going to talk about sports and life; it’s going to be fun.

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