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Its claim-to-fame is that it’s the only five-diamond inn in North America, and I felt privileged to be employed there, working my way up the ladder to the position of executive chef. A year ago this week, I found myself in a position where I met some other nurturing, hospitable people.

With understated finesse, Bela and her staff began to demonstrate their hospitable talents with a grace they were so adept and expert at.

We were smilingly whisked into the warm, cozy, candlelit room, where the intimately set tables were covered with crisp, white linens and the wine glasses wore folded rich, red napkins, gently whispering “welcome, sit down, relax.” It felt like a safe haven, as we watched the rain through the windows and flickering fire lights, and began to recount the day’s experience.

The tension began to slowly ease as we talked over a wonderful glass of red wine chosen from the list, and the stress began to lessen as the soreness began to set in.

We noted how incredibly fortunate we were to have sustained such relatively minor injuries, and thought with amazement about the man on the ferry that, if his small car had started, would have been in our spot, with the possibility of a far more damaging situation.

The chef came to the table and talked about the selection of appetizers he’d arranged for us, beginning with a delectable hummus and soft, grilled naan bread, along with a plate of roasted garlic with warm, soft brie and fruit.

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Enjoying our almost-missed evening with a relaxation surprisingly possible, the chef wowed us with hot steaming bowls of his grandmother’s recipe of Braised French Onion Soup, a most delicious yet uncommon concoction made with braised beef, a cabernet infused beef stock, and smoked provolone. Bela Burghuys moved with her mother to Anacortes in 1979 from Amsterdam and has gone full-circle with the inn, as her mother had purchased it once before her.We’ve been back several times since that evening, and while enjoying the varied menu selections, always remark on how the evening’s circumstances could have ended so differently. One that we’ve shared is their popular Brie Burger, now on the menu full time.It is a large beef patty expertly served on a fresh Ciabatta roll, with melted brie, homemade tomato preserves, spicy arugula, and a garlic aioli that was so good we splurged and decadently ordered extra to use as dip for the side of potatoes.Not paying attention to how late it had become, we, along with all of our many belongings, were unloaded into the restaurant’s lobby, and were greeted by the kind innkeeper as the taxi drove away.We explained our plight, and she told us that the restaurant had closed, but not to worry, she’d certainly be happy to take care of us.A young woman had confusingly run a red light, bounced off the front of our car, and ended up facing us from another lane.Gratefully, no one seemed to be seriously injured, but our vehicle was rendered inoperable, and an ambulance was dispatched to transport us to the hospital.The vehicles were loaded three across in the center of the boat, and with no other car ahead to block the dark ocean, we had only the scrambled seas in front of us.The hour-long passage seemed much longer than usual.The pretty, young, rookie police officer stayed with us while we waited, and the reality of the situation began to hit me.I became concerned that the coolers of holiday food, the presents, and luggage that we needed were going to be towed away.

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