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Let’s use, and terribly abuse, a transportation metaphor: A typical website—for example a Word Press blog that you install on your own web server—is like a car that you might buy at a dealership.

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While Jacobs does the product management and scheduling, Knauss keeps the servers running.Mean primary tumor weight in the prostate was 9.24 g at time of necropsy.Sixty-one percent of the transplanted animals had lymph node metastasis. Mean survival time was 72 days, indicating a high degree of malignancy of the tumor.Via email, Jacobs told Knauss that believed “they’ve got something that they think will generate at least 100 million page views, and will their current infrastructure support that?”“This sort of cold thrill goes down my spine,” Knauss said, “and the only thought that makes it out of my brain is, ‘Eep.’”He continued: “I reflexively begin designing the architecture in my head. Dogs chase after thrown balls, system administrators design to arbitrary traffic.”Jacobs began working with to keep the process moving. You might ask: Isn’t the web cheap and fast and isn’t it easy to set up a website and get a zillion readers?If you have non-legal issues that concern Google's Terms of Service or Product Policies, please visit ask that you submit a separate notice for each Google service where the content appears.BACKGROUND: An animal model of human prostate cancer LNCa P demonstrating high rates of spontaneous metastasis from the orthotopic site after tumor implantation would be very valuable for mechanistic and drug discovery studies.It might have a big TV and a small recording studio plus a fridge. Instead, they pay people to drive the bus, keep it clean and free of bugs, and keep it from breaking down. The equipment is always at risk of breaking, is incredibly expensive, and requires constant monitoring.But you can move an enormous number of people very quickly.Moving a well-understood, well-documented website from one computer to another is actually not that disruptive.What’s disruptive is changing the server code that makes the web pages.

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