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Destiny 2 is now completely offline and all players previously still in the game have now been removed.

The Bungie Help Twitter account has now confirmed that ongoing server maintenance is now underway.

Destiny 2 will be going offline at 4PM GMT, and speaking about the latest Hotfix in the most recent 'This Week At Bungie' blog post, Bungie said:"To prepare for the release of Update 1.1.3, Destiny 2 will be brought offline tomorrow (2/27).

Expected duration is 8 AM PST to 10 AM PST:"Outside of the new Destiny Weekly Reset and the conclusion of the Faction Rally event, today's update should introduce plenty of big updates to the game which Bungie outlined last week."Destiny update 1.1.3 will introduce Nightfall Strike Scoring, the first version of the Prestige Nightfall Challenge Card, and emblem variants," explained Bungie in their last Friday blog post.

Destiny 2 Servers should be back up and running at 10 PM PDT, which is 6PM GMT in the UK.

However, as with past weeks, it's always possible that the PS4, Xbox One and PC maintenance could be extended further by Bungie. The game has now gone offline for players attempting to log on, and is scheduled to be down until 6pm BST for UK players.

At 5pm - at the latest - all players will be removed from the game so that Bungie may continue with their scheduled maintenance.

Following this downtime Bungie will release the latest Destiny 2 Hotfix 1.1.3 update.Patch notes detailing the changes should also become available later today on the Bungie Game Updates pages once the hotfix has been released.The following are general patch notes from Destiny Update 1.1.3.• Fixing an issue where the Phoenix Dive ability can be used to get out of the intended playspace• Fixing an issue where players could receive a loss in Trials of the Nine if opponents leave multiple matches in a row• The Crucible Helmet Ornament will now gain unlock progress from Trials of the Nine wins in addition to competitive match wins• Projectiles from the Colony Exotic properly track enemies on PC when frame rate is set higher than 30 FPSStay tuned for a full list of patch notes, which we expect Bungie to make available alongside Destiny Update 1.1.3.As mentioned, this scheduled maintenance is due to commence at 8AM PST, which is 4PM GMT for all UK based players.Full timings for the downtime can be found further down.If any issues are found, or the verification process is interrupted, all previous content will be deleted and downloaded once more.• Connectivity Issues: Players encountering connectivity issues after maintenance has concluded, or that are unable to log in to Destiny when there is no planned maintenance impacting Destiny services, may need to attempt basic connectivity troubleshooting such as clearing their console cache, power cycling their network hardware, or reading through the Network Troubleshooting Guide.• Maintenance Notification: Players signed in shortly before maintenance will receive notice via in-game messaging that a maintenance will be starting soon.• Updating Destiny on PC: Players will have to close the Destiny 2 application to accept the update on the Blizzard app.If the update does not automatically show up on the Blizzard app, players may need to restart the app or click on Options and then Check for Updates." "Store Checkout_Loading" "Checking out..." "Store Checkout_Unavailable" "Checkout unavailable at this time." "Store Checkout_Canceling" "Canceling..." "Store Scaleform_Title" "CS: GO Store" "Store Update_Loading" "Loading the Store..." "Store Update_No GCResponse" "The Store is currently closed." "Store Update_New Price Sheet Loaded" "The product list has been updated to the latest version." "Store Update_Contact Support" "Please contact customer support to have your Steam wallet configured." "Store Update_Overlay Required" "Making a purchase requires the Steam Community Overlay.Please ensure that the in-game Steam Community is enabled and restart the game to use the Store." "Store Update_Steam Required" "A connection to Steam is required to use the Store." "Store Checkout_Fail" "The In-game Store is currently closed." "Store Checkout_Invalid Param" "A programmer messed up!" "Store_Preview Item" "PREVIEW" "Store_Details Item" "DETAILS" "Store_Free Backpack Space" "EMPTY INVENTORY SLOTS: %s1" "Store Checkout_No Items" "Your shopping cart is empty!" "Store Checkout_Too Many Items" "You have too many items in your shopping cart!

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