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Not slimserver updating

They also seem to have stagnated under Logitech, for example the Radio is cool but the battery for it (which is half the sell) doesn’t come out until April, and costs another — lame.

There must be a bug in LMS triggering a flood of login attempts.Some of their new products like the Squeezebox Radio are super-handy, I like that the whole thing works over my Wifi network, and it runs Open Source server software.(I used to run it on a Linux box, now on a Mac.) That said, the software has always felt clunky to me, the lack of a good i Phone client is annoying, and the multi-room sync is temperamental.Alle System laufen normal, die Anzahl verbundener Geräte ist ebenfalls in Ordnung. Hi, Not sure if anyone can help but It looks like repo debian.stable main is no longer available.I've seen the following information on the slim devices site ( about how to install Logitech Media Server on Debian but it doesn't appear to work (enter the first line e.g. In essence it looks like I need to enter the following: ------- latest_lms=$(lms=$(lms=$(wget -q -O - "version=7.8.0&revision=1&geturl=1&os=deb")) mkdir -p /sources cd /sources wget $latest_lms lms_deb=$(echo $latest_lms|cut -d "/" -f8) dpkg -i $lms_deb ls /sources/logi* -1t | tail -3| xargs -d '\n' rm -f -------- Can anyone tell me if this is a valid install method on OMV 2.1 or is there an equivalent version of the previous install method I used which involved setting up a Custom Repo and entering the following: deb debian.stable main If you've not already guessed I'm fairly new to all this, the ability to run LMS was one of the driving factors for selecting OMV.I expect to use a Rasberian OS thet was provided with my RPI3. Thanks in advance, Esben Hi, I have been reading through several thread ons this topic, but all links are dead and very old.I expect to use a Rasberian OS thet was provided with my RPI3. Thanks in advance, Esben Hi guys, Our OS actually combines both a preinstalled Squeezelite player and a one-click installer for the newest Squeezebox Server to both work on one Pi.I've experience of running under Windows but not under Linux. That has optional install of LMS and you don't need to use the player part at all. ...ayer.shtml Whatever way you get LMS running, also look at two plugins - Chromecast Bridge and DLNA/UPNP Bridge (both by the same developer).

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