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Norton not updating via proxy

To restart it, open the command prompt and type: msc and hit Enter. There’s a lot of other reasons that Windows Update is failing, but I recommend trying the few steps shown above first.

Spotify is not blocked in any way by firewall or antivirus.

Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway uses the Microsoft Update service to update malware definition updates on the Forefront TMG server.

I will start with the error that has been giving me major irritation – it’s a bit of a rant – but is something any Windows user has faced.

After trying to figure out a workaround for this error, I did find a solution, so I thought I’d go ahead and share it with everyone.

Apparently, I need to contact Microsoft Support because there’s no information about my error.

But I think Microsoft needs to update its error code database more often, because, as I found out by doing a Bing search, there are a lot of people getting this particular one.

So, I figured I would put together some tips that might solve the issue you’re having.

But do note these are helpful troubleshooting steps no matter which version of Windows you’re running.Please update your firewall to allow Spotify (error 101). In case you didn’t know, there’s a work in progress for IPv6 support in Squid-2.6.You’ll find a patch here which, reportedly, is being used in production at a few sites.If you’d like to see IPv6 in a future Squid-2 release – its a very large change to introduce in the squid-2.6 release so it would appear in a 2.7 or 2.8 release – then please join the squid-users mailing list and let us know.Next, enter the following Proxy Settings and make sure your entries look like the image below.otherwise you won’t be able to go to any sites since your proxy is your own computer. (I hear a lot of people complaining about how Squid doesn’t “support IPv6” and yet won’t try Squid-3 IPv6 or even try googling for alternatives.The truth is that there’s been unofficial patches to Squid-2 to support IPv6 in some fashion for a number of years now – heck, there was an IPv6 patch to Squid-1!There was an update to Spotify, and after installing that one the problem occured.When trying to log on after reinstalling the error code is: A firewall may be blocking Spotify.

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