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If the couple has intercourse too soon, then the volume of ejaculate and the sperm counts may be compromised, leading to a suboptimal sample for the IUI, but more on that to come.

She goes on to explain, “There can be some negative effects to abstaining for longer periods than the recommended time.

Some patients go overboard and abstain for a lot longer than three days because they’re thinking it will result in a build-up of new sperm cells.

This break allows the sperm count to reaccumulate in order to produce a good sample for the IUI, which is usually scheduled approximately 36 hours after the trigger shot is given.

Intercourse is however suggested the evening following the IUI. Esposito says,“This not only provides the couple time to be intimate, but it also may help increase the chances of fertilization by adding to the sperm that had been introduced during the insemination.” Again, refraining from intercourse is suggested if the patient experiences pain during sex.

“If hyperstimulation occurs, we tell patients to avoid intercourse because the ovaries are very enlarged and cystic and we are concerned that intercourse could lead to rupture of a cyst on the enlarged ovaries or a twisting of the ovary on its blood supply.

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This is extremely rare but something abstaining from sex can help to avoid these types of complications,” explains Dr. Intercourse is discouraged following an embryo transfer during an IVF, FET, or donor egg cycle.

Many women tend to focus on love, affection, and feelings around ‘intimate’ moments, while many men tend to focus on physical closeness and sex (Hatfield & Rapson, 1994).

For couples, intimacy can encompass many different actions and moments, built over time through work and open discussion.

Whether through words or actions, intimacy involves a level of love, appreciation, and communication between partners.

Sex, love, and intimacy are three different terms, and each can be expressed in different ways.

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