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Read more about the history committee In accordance with the Club’s direction and correct lines of responsibility: • Catalogue and store appropriately all historical material held by the Club. In 1927 North finished second and eliminated West Torrens in the first final and then beat West 8.3 to 6.11 in the Final. First Farmer took a strong mark over Maywald and goaled. The Medindie squad in 1888 Medindie spent the first four years of its existence playing against other clubs that weren't involved in an organised competition.

• Develop standards for resolving the authenticity of historical records. Because of the challenge system, North had to play West (minor premiers) again and this time lost by 7 points. Then he had another shot from the boundary but mis-kicked and Barrett took a great mark and goaled. Amongst these clubs were Prince Alfred College, St Peter's College, Commercial College, Walkerville, Triton, North Parks, Creswick and Semaphore.

There are, however, many areas in which several members contribute to the outcome. [email protected] Barry Dolman Chairman of the Committee Manages the NAFC Past Players and Officials Association Co-ordinates the tracing of past players Co-ordinates the preparation of a comprehensive publication detailing the Club's history Negotiates archiving of film related to NAFC Bob Richards Assists with preparation for a comprehensive publication detailing the Club's history Assists with Past Player functions Bruce Pointon Videos History Committee Functions Assists with preparation for a comprehensive publication detailing the Club's history Daryl Thomas Contacts past players to get current details David O'Hara Researches and records statistical information about all NAFC matches and players Provides match reports and statistical player’s records for NAFC Annual Reports John Mitchell Assists with preparation for a comprehensive publication detailing the Club's history Geoff Sandford Prepares obituaries as required Kos Sarneckis Supplies the Club with digital images of action photographs taken at matches. After three times being denied premierships by the challenge system, it had at last worked in North's favour. North First - 2.7(19) Second - 6.7(43) Third - 9.9(63) Final - 9.13(67) Port First - 2.1(13) Second - 3.2(20) Third - 7.7(49) Final - 9.9 (63) Goals : Farmer 4.0, Barrett 2.1, Furler 1.3, Burton 1.1, Hawke 1.0, Thomas 0.3, Mc Dowall 0.2, Willshire 0.1, rushed 0.2 Attendance : 23,609 Back row, L to R : G. It is believed that Port Adelaide was behind them being invited to join their group.

Lyn Roberts Secretary of the Committee Maintains the Committee's Procedures manual Malcolm Ellis Assists with management of the Past Players and Officials Association Manfred Kern Vice Chairman of the Committee Scans and stores digital images of our memorabilia collection Nick Haines Organises order of priority lists for the NAFC, SA and Australian Halls of Fame Assists with preparation for a comprehensive publication detailing the Club's history Scott Coppin Manages displays in the Hall Alison Galloway Addition of Photos to Player Database Associate Members Colin Richardson Assists with cataloguing memorabilia held by the Club Julie Vranek Assists with displays in the Hall Assists with cataloguing memorabilia held by the Club. At the eleventh hour, just prior to the start of the 1888 season, a meeting was held in an attempt to reconcile the opposing parties.

With a promise of support from North Adelaide residents, the Club changed its name to North Adelaide Football Club. It was decided that Medindie would keep their guernseys and hose (socks) as red and white only, while North Adelaide would add a blue hoop to their red and white guernseys and wear blue and white hose.

Led by the great Australian fast-bowler, Ernie Jones, and wearing its eye-catching, diagonally-striped, red & white lace-up jackets, North Adelaide won its first premiership. The match between the two northern clubs took place on Saturday 26th May on Kensington Oval.

North Adelaide’s history can be traced directly back to the formation of the Medindie Football Club. This meeting took place in the Town Hall Exchange-room on the evening of Saturday the 5th of May, the day that the football season would normally have commenced. C, liaising with delegates from Port and South, an amicable arrangement was agreed upon by evening's end with Norwood, Gawler and North Adelaide being invited to join the ‘new' association.

Medindie was formed in 1881 when a group of nearby College students (from Prince Alfred College and the now defunct Whinham College) formed a team to play some football matches in the nearby parklands. Such was the seriousness of the situation concerning the split that Medindie (being the ‘junior' club) had even offered to resign from the association if it would bring about a solution. Thus Medindie's generous offer did not need to be accepted.The Board approved the establishment of a History Committee in April 2000 and its inaugural meeting was held on . In the Grand Final North beat Norwood 11.11 to 10.8, but as in 1919 Sturt (as minor premiers) had the right of challenge. North had been far superior in the first term but lead by only 6 points. It's believed they originally played on the parklands north-east of North Adelaide (between North Adelaide and Medindie), before later playing closer to the city (near the site of the current Adelaide University Oval).The role of the Committee was laid out at this time - interestingly, it has subsequently been reviewed and has changed very little. North were unlucky to lose Conrad to injury and Sturt won 9.10 to 7.9. Port leveled the scores with an early goal in the second quarter but from that point North were brilliant. They took their colours from Prince Alfred College and wore a strip not dissimilar to the one that Prince's football team wore.Other stars in this historic team were Jack (Dinnie) Reedman, Norman Claxton & the Pash brothers, Harold & Norman. Like the previous match about 100 people attended, but unlike in the previous match the weather was perfect.North Adelaide produced its first Magarey Medallist in teenager, Philip (Phil) Sandland. Captained by the champion, all-round sportsman Jack (Dinnie) Reedman, North played and comfortably defeated South Adelaide in the Grand Final after a sensational disqualification of Port Adelaide had occurred prior to a Port vs South final (when Port refused to play their match under the appointed umpire). The final result stood at North 5 goals 14 behinds to Medindie's four behinds.After struggling to match it with the “senior” teams (South, Port and Norwood) over the next 5 years, and with a promise of support from North Adelaide residents, the Club changed its name to North Adelaide in 1893. Sellars and Arthur Brown were named Medindie's best.Although there were numerous other clubs that used the name of "North Adelaide" prior to 1893, none of them bore ties to the current club. In their opening games of 1888 both Medindie and North Adelaide had taken the field in red-and-white uniforms.Read about our history The Medindie Football Club is formed by a group of nearby college students from Prince Alfred College and Whinham College. On the Thursday night after their debut game (May 17th) at a meeting of the Association the issue of the similarity of colours between the two clubs was raised.Medindie is admitted to the South Australian Football Association. As they would be playing each other on May 26th a solution was needed to avoid the clashing of colours.But priorities were developed and slowly things began to take shape. Port (4th) narrowly beat Norwood (2nd) and then played and defeated Sturt. Furler missed 2 shots while Port added two goals to creep within 2 points with 12 minutes to play. Due to an ongoing dispute about the use of grounds (amongst other things) the association was split into two groups.As the work of the Committee became better known more members joined and progress accelerated. But as minor premiers North had the right of challenge, so the final match of the season was North against Port. Furler missed again and another point pushed the margin out to 4 points. Norwood, Gawler and North Adelaide (who had changed their name from Hotham) formed one group whilst South Adelaide, Adelaide (who had swallowed up the weaker West after only one season) and Port Adelaide formed the other.

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