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J Milburn (talk) , 15 June 2009 (UTC) ..please can we stick to flags of places...

This stipulation is a little vague, and I was wondering if I could politely request further elabouration?

Obviously copyrighted flags are right out (WP: NFCC#9), but what about proposed or fictional flags that don't meet the threshold of originality for copyrighting?

In my opinion the most exotic you should go is cities (like, for example, flags of Tokyo or Toronto), because with no limits this turning into a bit of a mick-take... Am also a former rl sailor who served on two deployments during wartime, and did ask in advance before adopting that flag. Please restore Durova's because "Edward Seegar" was born here apparently and that's fine with me.

Also, in a new proposal, remove all the flags of the US states and let everyone fight over the one flag of the United States.

Maybe I'll go with The Netherlands or Brazil and work on all of the warships I can find from whichever I pick...

;) —Well, I don't think it would be fair to give you the jolly roger as a flag as it's a sporting-esque contest as I have re-iterated before. I'm sorry that I originally told you one thing, then it changed. Nergaal (talk) , 16 June 2009 (UTC) Hey everyone, as you may or may not know, at DYK we have recently been experiencing a shortage of new hooks being submitted for approval (which has forced us the lower the number of hooks per update to the Main Page), so for next year I would like to propose that a next scoring category (Maybe 2-3 points) be added for any successful DYK noms that a user makes, these noms would be from articles that the nominating user had not largely contributed to and could be pulled from Special: New Pages, from User: Alex New Art Bot/Good Search Result, or from anywhere else a contestant could think of.What about the contents of Commons: Category: Special or fictional flags?Alternate history fictional entities (Socialist CSA, Soviet USA, etc.), historical real-world entities (the Republic of Texas, the Republic of Venice, or the USSR), straight-up fictional entities (the Klingon Empire or Erusea), or proposed real-world entities (the North American Union)?About your handicap - it was only voluntary so if you want it removed next time around then you are free to do so in my opinion. However, we're still hammering out all of the details. This in my opinion could really help to ease the lack of new hooks being submitted at T: TDYK and it could also add a new layer of competition to the Cup for users who like to search for promising new content and showcase it, almost like the users who get points for successful FP noms in this years cup for searching for promising images locally and on Commons and nomming them for FP status ;).I feel like you're taking this way too seriously, and making a big deal out of nothing, really. I'm sorry if you're upset that it kept changing, but the rule is standing as it is. All the Best, Mifter (talk) , 18 June 2009 (UTC) Is this a joke?Finally, while I do see city flags (Toronto, for instance), the city I'm living in right now (I withhold this information) has no flag.I'm not justifying it, but I am pointing out that if it's about sporting, it feels more right to be a competitor under a flag or banner that makes you feel good about it.--Sorry about that, I was still working under some old information from a few weeks ago when DYK was still in a huge hook shortage which we seem to have come out of ;), although as has been pointed out on the DYK talk page, DYK does tend to go through trends and periods of very few incoming hooks and then periods of large numbers of hooks so I still think that this could be good even if it gave very few points because when DYK is going through hook shortages any hook noms would be useful. And if I have to, the flag of my country is not here yet, can I still use it? I compete as Mexico and don't live there (although close enough that if I threw a baseball hard enough and broke a window, I might have to pay for the damage in pesos). if they nom it after they still have to go through the pain of FAC so it probably should count... It seems a bit counterproductive to the purpose of this event to disqualify existing articles from being improved.Best, Mifter (talk) , 20 June 2009 (UTC) I heard that in some sports, an athlete can represent two nations depending where they're from, so can I use two flags for mine (because I really want to use this one and also this one, and possibly My Official Flag)? I thought the idea was to improve content on Wikipedia through this contest.If that is the stated goal then why in the world disqualify existing articles?Just have a caveat that if it's clear you "stockpiled" articles to push through at the beginning of the season then those articles will be disqualified.

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