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So today, our celebration of Christmas combines our religious beliefs, our culture and traditions dating back at least 5000 years, and astronomy.

In an age when there was little long distance transport of produce, life depended on what could be hunted or grown locally.After the winter solstice we see the sunrise and sunset points on the horizon moving northwards each day, imperceptibly at first and then faster and faster, and then slowing until around 21 June we reach the northernmost points of sunrise and sunset – the Summer Solstice – after which the sunrise and sunset points start moving southward again.These days, with heated homes, light available at the operation of a switch, and stores full of food from all over the world, we are not as much affected by the annual motions of the Sun; also, we know what is going on.To cover this they allocated a period of 12 days around the Solstice for celebrations such as Saturnalia, a riotous party dedicated to the Roman god, Saturn.When Christian priests moved into the cold, dismal winters of Northern Europe, they saw the pagan celebrations and rededicated them to celebrations of events in the Christian calendar. Over the following 2000 years the calendar became partially detached from astronomical events and went through various adjustments, moving the Christmas celebration to where it is in the calendar today, and that 12-day period became the “12 Days of Christmas”. This is the Winter Solstice, which comes from the Latin sol ("sun") and sistere ("to stand still"), because that is the point where the Sun pauses before reversing its apparent motion, like a swing pausing momentarily before heading back.For those of us with a view of the eastern or western horizon this annual motion is very obvious.„1 op de 5 relaties start via online dating” staat erboven, net zoals in de tv-spot wordt beweerd.Je zou dan verwachten dat van alle relaties op het moment van onderzoek 1 op de 5 via online dating tot stand is gekomen. „Nu blijkt dat ruim 1 op de 5 (21%) van de Nederlanders tussen nu en 10 jaar geleden een relatie heeft gevonden via online dating”, staat er namelijk in het persbericht.De rest leerde hun partner kennen via chatrooms, online forums en netwerksites als Facebook en Hyves.Die 22,7 procent staat voor 190 personen met een relatie via internet van de in totaal 837 mensen die reageerden op de vragen.

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