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With all the major sights of the city See the famous Little Mermaid and the Queen’s Palace and her guards, the cosy and picturesque New Haven, dating back to 1671.Moving on to Parliament Island, you can take a stroll and learn about Bishop Absalon, the founder of Copenhagen in 1167.

Business boomed for decades as they became known as the “Carriage Builder for the American Gentleman.” Among their customers were Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Astors and J. Morgan, each with their own colored coaches, not to be owned by anyone else.KALDEWEI INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE PARTNER FOR ICONIC BATHROOM SOLUTIONS MADE OF KALDEWEI STEEL ENAMEL KALDEWEI steel enamel delivers unique advantages that inspire excellence in bathroom design.Projects across the world, from upmarket hotels to private homes, capture the sophisticated aesthetic that recommends KALDEWEI as the partner of choice.Carriage horses are trained by voice to “walk on,” “trot,” “walk,” “whoa,” “stand,” and my favorite, “come around.” This last maneuver moves a carriage on a turn, the horse executing a side-step, leg over leg turn on the haunches to turn a carriage left or right.Unlike riding where you have your seat and your legs, you only have a few aids left to control your horse: your hands, your voice and the fabled buggy whip. The long reins held between the pointer and index fingers to drive a horse versus between the thumb and index finger while riding.All I knew at the time as a teenager was that her father made “world-famous carriages and buggy whips.” Royal Coaches Despite progress, you can still find the world’s largest collection of working coaches and carriages at London’s Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace.Among them are the gilded, golden Coronation Carriage built for Catherine II and the sleek, black Glass Coach, my favorite when I visited the Mews, which carried Lady Diana Spencer to Westminster Abbey on her wedding day in 1981.This time, however, I got a delicious taste of a bygone era, when horses pulled carriages and people needed them to explore and discover their world, at a much slower pace.The sky, the fields, the trees, the flowers, the birds, all came into view on their own, just waiting for my discovery.The mechanics of steering, turning and stopping were executed with a stronger bit.And, just like riding, when you are on the road, and a big, loud, scary yellow school bus comes barreling down the road behind you, focusing your horse’s attention on anything but the school bus is paramount.

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