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Vanished without so much as a “sorry its not gonna work” text.

You might as well spray yourself down with “Dating Off”.

Dating for men is about the thrill of the hunt, the chase. We WANT to know everything about a man as soon as we meet him.

Either way, if he DOES let you split the bill it doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a cheap skate. If he likes you and wants to see you, he’ll spend more time with you if he knows he won’t go broke doing it. This poor guy is trying to get to know YOU better…not who you’re making yourself sound like. And…do you really want him to pretend he doesn’t know you if you run into him at Target?

Maybe he’s working two jobs to make ends meet, or maybe he’s saving up to buy a house. Don’t mislead or lie about your financial standing, or ex’s, or your parental status, or your job, or anything at all for that matter. If you just went out with this guy, or just met him, and you’re already making plans with him for a month or so from now and asking which nights he’s free this week and how many of them he’s spending with you…you’ll probably end up with an order of protection instead of another date.

You’re clingy You make Gorilla glue look like a bond-breaker.

Or at a minimum recognize that you are not just being “loving” or “affectionate”. Learn where that line is, and DO NOT cross it, especially if you see a pattern in your own behavior and are predisposed to doing so.

Even if he won’t let you pay, or doesn’t want you to…at least offer. And be prepared to split the check incase he accepts your offer. Not only will he take off with speed that would make an Earnhart jealous, he’ll probably dislike you a lot, and leave with a negative impression of you.

Don’t take it personally or get upset thinking: “If he really liked me he’d buy”. And when he finds out you’re lying (and they always do) you’ll look like a huge jerk!

” Text you’ve been getting from him for the last couple weeks. You might get one last “Hey, thanks for last night. Or…best case scenario…he does text again (but never with the same regularity or fervor as before you let him use your warm, amazing vagina, aka “The cookie”) and you do go out again, and again, and again. You become a time filler and dick pleaser…until “She” “The girl he’s been waiting for” comes along. He isn’t rushing you home to meet mom, or begging you to come to his bar, the one he hangs at three times a week so you can meet his buddies (and any other girls he may also be screwing/texting/keeping in his back pocket).

You were weak…and drunk…and he smelled sooo good…and dammit its been a reaallly long time. Those are awesome…and the reason for overcrowded self-esteem classes on Sunday. and the next day…don’t anticipate that “Good Morning gorgeous! You’re going to spend your day with Ben & Jerry or Jack Daniels, drowning in your regret about last night.

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