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Netflix instant queue not updating

I have just purchased this TV and followed guide to log into my Netflix account.

All seems to work ok, except I can not see my Instant Queue.

Click the "X" to the right of a title under "Remove" to delete the item from your queue.

Based on your activity, Netflix will even suggest titles that may be of interest.

Log into your Netflix account with your email address and password.

All othe network required services seem to be working fine.

Whether you want to watch Netflix on your computer or streaming device, you must manage your Netflix queue online.

Adults who get bored with the flat story can at least try to guess which well-known actor is in a scene.

You know a movie has problems when it takes a celebrity version of “Where’s Waldo” to keep the audience entertained.

So, without further ado, here are 10 common problems people have with Netflix, and their solutions…If you watch a movie and stop it before the credits, it’ll show up in your “Continue Watching” list. Here, you will see a list of all the movies you have watched, listed from most recent to oldest. For TV shows, clicking the X next to an episode will remove that episode alone.

You will also see a prompt that says, Remove Series?

I've updated "in Queue" on Netflix site, however it will not update on my BD player.

You don't get the "options" selection if it's saying nothing is in Queue.

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