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You will also strengthen basic communication skills.

Sister Cook, second counselor in the Young Women general presidency, stressed the need for these skills.

“The youth of the Church need to be together, and they need to feel of each other’s goodness and wholesomeness.One of them said, “Oh, I don’t think I will go to Mutual tonight.They’re not doing anything interesting.” Sister Tanner responded, “You need the Church, but the Church needs you too.” “I think youth need to understand the impact they can have on other youth,” Sister Cook added.And so I went, and I brought some friends for moral support.My friends and I outnumbered the quorum that was there, but we had a great time. I married in the temple, and I am now serving in the stake presidency.” Mutual is a wonderful place to fellowship other youth and get them involved.Service projects like this and other Mutual activities serve as a backbone for the youth program here in Eagle Mountain.It is a newer town southwest of Salt Lake City, so almost everyone feels like “the new kid.” Mutual helps these teens—and Latter-day Saint teens everywhere—develop friendships and testimonies.She explained, “I think Mutual was important in my day, but I think it is even more important now since there is less direct social interaction going on.” Technology gradually replacing in-person interaction.One night, Sister Cook sat down with some of her grandchildren, and they brought up this subject.Together you can make Mutual an enriching experience.Youth are also encouraged to help plan, carry out, and lead Mutual activities.

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