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Multiple applications updating single database in java

Pramod Sadalage Pramod developed the original techniques of evolutionary database design and database refactoring used by Thought Works in 2000.

Martin Fowler Martin was delighted to find Pramod to take some sketchy ideas on evolving databases and solve all the tricky problems of making them work in practice.

Martin's main role these days is to help his colleagues explain what they've developed to the wider world of software development.

As she does this she runs the existing test suite against this code to detect any changes in the application's behavior.

Some tests, those that relied on the combined column need to be updated. Once Jen has done all this, and the application has all its tests green on her machine, Jen pushes all her changes to the shared project version control repository - which we call the mainline.

Agile methods, in particular extreme programming (XP), have a number of practices that make this evolutionary architecture practical.

When we and our Thought Works colleagues started doing agile projects, we realized that we needed to solve the problem of how to evolve a database to support this evolution of architecture.In the past decade, we've seen the rise of agile methodologies.Compared to their predecessors they change the demands on database design.We began around 2000 with a project whose database ended up with around 600 tables.As we worked on this project we developed techniques that allowed to change the schema and migrate existing data comfortably.They emphasize scalability, concurrency, centralization, and control.SQLite strives to provide local data storage for individual applications and devices.As a result having a detailed design phase at the beginning of a project becomes impractical.The architecture of the system has to evolve through the various iterations of the software.SQLite emphasizes economy, efficiency, reliability, independence, and simplicity.SQLite does not compete with client/server databases.

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