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Ms word without updating global template

Now, save the My Word file (you can do this in the VBE or from the main Word window).Because you have finished with the VBE, close it and return to Word.

This article is in two parts: One purpose of macros is to enable you to perform a task with one click or one keystroke.To do that, you will create a Macro-Enabled Template file. To create the new file to hold your macros, click the Word macros are written in a programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).You write macros in a part of Word that most users never see: the Visual Basic Editor (the VBE).To do that, in the VBE, click the The plan was that this macro should be available regardless of what document that you are working on.However, if you create a new document (use CTRL N) you will be unable to see your button on the Quick Access Toolbar. To make the macro stored in My Word available to any document that you have open, you must load My Word as an add-in.Open the VBE by using any one of the following methods: Finally, you will see that the entry for your file is named Template Project.Although it is not necessary, it is recommended that you give it a more descriptive name.I often create documents that contain hyperlinks to Web sites.By default, Word requires me to follow, or open, a hyperlink, by pressing CTRL while clicking the hyperlink.Macros are usually stored in a Word Macro-Enabled Template file (.dotm).It is possible to save macros in the Normal Template (Normal.dotm), but that makes it difficult to organize or share your macros.

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