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Ms project updating schedule

Note − With MS Project 2013, you can save up to 11 Baselines in a Single plan.

These multiple baselines seem contrary to the definition of baseline.

Once your project plan is ready in MS Project, it becomes essential for a project manager to measure the actuals (in terms of work completed, resources used and costs incurred) and to revise and change information about tasks and resources due to any changes to the plans.

A Project Manager should not assume that everything is progressing according to plan and should always keep track of each task.

You can use this flexibility when − You will see Baseline Gantt bars displayed together with the current Gantt bars.

As time and work progresses on a project, you might need to change the baseline as well.

These processes and tools can range from weekly conversations with team members, to utilization of a tool for each team member to submit updates.

The key to this process is that it is linked to other project update activities (timeliness of information is dependent update establishing efficient processes): After completing progress updates to the schedule, it is a best practice to review the schedule data in a manner that proactively identifies potential issues.It always amazes me that after project managers put so much time and effort into creating a baseline project schedule, they do not always put the same level of energy and discipline into maintaining it during the execution phase of the project.It is extremely important during this phase of the project that the schedule reflects where you are at currently, as well as how the remaining work is planned to be completed.In addition, these processes should be timely and consistent.The updates should be completed the same time/date during the reporting period (day/week).The approach helps focus in on specific problem areas: Most likely you will have run across the answer to this question when gathering progress updates from team members.If not, this is a good opportunity to follow-up with team members on the status of specific tasks.The answer generally falls into one of the following categories: Based upon review of past due tasks, as well as other tasks scheduled for the upcoming 1-2 weeks, you may identify problem areas that require immediate action.This is particularly true if delays (or anticipated delays) in the tasks will impact an upcoming milestone (or the project end date).Resistance to formal tracking of project management data is normal.You can overcome resistance to tracking by explaining your expectations, explaining the benefits of tracking, and training people to track the task themselves.

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