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American students often spend years doing Ph Ds on the meaning behind Beatle lyrics, but forget that some words and phrases are used in songs because they rhyme.So it can be sometimes dangerous to look too deeply.

But who was the fireman who 'rushes in, from the pouring rain, very strange'?

Could that have been a nod to Paul's father, Jim Mc Cartney, who'd been a firewatcher on the Liverpool docks in World War II, and for whom When I'm Sixty Four would be written?

Thus the 'pretty nurse selling poppies from a tray' in Penny Lane was Beth Davidson, who married Lennon's scamp of a boyhood friend, Pete Shotton.

Then, in the same song, the barber in Penny Lane, with 'photographs of every head he's had the pleasure to have known', has been long identified as James Bioletti, who used to cut the two Beatles' schoolboy hair.

Later memories of both women were to endure in their music. 'So I sing a song of love to Julia' he put on the White Album, before adding his lament My Mummy's Dead on his first post-Beatles solo album.

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