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Mpd database not updating

It's fast and lightweight—you're certainly not going to miss i Tunes in that department.

First install mpd: Homebrew will let you know that mpd successfully installed, and give you a line to copy/paste into Terminal that will automatically start mpd when you start your computer. Then create and edit music_directory "~/Music/beets" # Beets music library folder playlist_directory "~/.mpd/playlists" # Where do playlists live?

After switching to OS X (mac OS), I realized that i Tunes just isn't meant to be a music player and organizer.

It does those things, but it's also a tool for syncing media to your phone, a streaming music service, and a weird social network.

In i Tunes, go to Advanced Preferences and uncheck "Keep Music folder organized" and "Copy files to i Tunes Media when adding to library." We can automatically create a playlist that contains all of our music every time we import new music into beets. i Tunes is smart enough to only add the new files to your library.

Then you can sync with your i Phone and go about your life mostly i Tunes-free. It's great (well, as great as a tool can be for turning a dumb thing into a not dumb thing).

It's hard to maintain a clean library of digital music.

When you're ripping your own CDs you generally get accurate tag metadata, but we've all downloaded albums that are mistagged or untagged.

This all presupposes that you, like me, still care about maintaining a collection of digital music files. This guide assumes you can comfortably edit files, create folders, and run commands in Terminal.

To install the open source software I reference here, you need to first install homebrew.

Alfred and mpd on an ultralight beam: You can download my Alfred workflow to control mpd.

I've shed my dependence on i Tunes using beets, mpd, ncmpcpp, and Alfred, but I still need to use it to sync my music to my i Phone. First, make sure you remove i Tunes's privilege to manage your music library for you.

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