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During the Ice Age, it was masked by glaciers that later melted into a bubbling brook.Large rock formations mark the Pemigewasset River, which is ornamented by the distinctive Flume Covered Bridge (est. Spanning the South Fork of the Merced River, Wawona Covered Bridge features Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir but initially lacked one key element: a roof.

The prominence of gay search terms is a trait that is repeated across south America - perhaps due to religion - although like Europe there appears to be a bias towards searches for people of their own nationalities.

, which still inspires visitors to seek out Iowa’s Roseman Covered Bridge: it ranks higher on Trip Advisor than John Wayne’s nearby birthplace.

While Artist’s Bridge—constructed in 1872 above the Sunday River near the town of North Bethel—is no longer open to traffic, it remains one of Maine’s most photographed and painted sites.

With walls of granite rising up to 90 feet high, the Flume is a natural gorge and waterfall formed nearly 200 million years ago.

The Ammonoosuc River has gotten the better of Stark Bridge a few times, beginning with an 1890s flood that uprooted the wooden structure and washed it downriver.

A team of unwavering townspeople and oxen set the bridge back into its place, and a few failures and a restoration later, Stark Bridge is standing tall.Vermont’s cheese trail offers roughly 280 miles of sharp cheddar, creamy Gorgonzola, and herby chèvre.Hit the road, and you’ll likely end up near the Cabot Creamery and A. Foster Covered Bridge, which spans a ravine in the middle of farmland.The structures are often referred to as “kissing bridges,” since the enclosed domes provide lovers with just the right amount of privacy.Yet it was practicality that inspired their construction.But then you get to Finland where there seems to be is a preference for senior citizens with 'mature' and 'granny' the top two search terms respectively, while in Hungary the term 'woodman' rates highly.In Syria, where you might imagine people have little time for porn considering recent events, the preferred search is 'Aunt' while in Iran the peculiar term 'hotel businessman (gay)' is riding high at no.6.Photographer Robert Kincaid, played by Clint Eastwood, seeks out this 107-foot crossing (one of six countywide) while in town for an assignment.And Francesca Johnson (Streep) invites him to dinner by tacking a note on the bridge—igniting one of Hollywood’s most memorable love affairs.Bordered by the Greenville County Recreation District, the bridge makes a romantic backdrop for picnics, especially come autumn.It’s named for the former owner of a nearby corn gristmill.

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