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You’d probably mark that up with just a single, semantic element, like this: And let’s say on the Drupal side of things you’re going use a custom block type for adding callout components to your site.

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(This technique can backfire if you end up with a reputation for not standing your ground.

This means that by default in Drupal even a simple, single value text field is going to render with multiple layers of s wrapping the value of the field.

However, let’s say you have a callout component in your style guide that includes an optional subtitle field.

Since the attributes variable can include class, id, and data attributes in one variable, we need to make sure we only combine Drupal’s classes with ours, and let the other attributes render without Drupal classes.

This can be accomplished on the main wrapper of our callout component template: Note that the ‘without’ twig filter in this example is a Drupal-specific filter, so for your style guide you’ll want to make sure you’re using one that supports Drupal’s custom filters (both KSS node, and Pattern Lab have configuration options that support Drupal twig filters.) The other thing you’ll want to include to make sure contextual links get injected are the title_prefix/title_suffix variables.

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