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Dating Information Because nearly everything changes with time, it is important that we date the information we communicate by telling when it was true.

Not dating leads to inaccuracies that can be dangerous.

What he doesn’t know is that Laura’s information about this problem in Henderson City is five years old.

Henderson City still may have problems, but then, it may not.

Gender Differences in Verbal Communication Over the two decades, stirred by such book titles as Men Are from Mars, people have come to believe gender differences in messages are genetic.

Yet research strongly states that differences in gender behaviors are learn rather than biological and that the differences are not nearly as large as portrayed (Wood & Dindia, 1998, pp. There is no evidence to suggest that the differences aftershave been identified between women’s message construction patterns and those of men cause problems for either group (Canary & Hausa, 1993, p. Nevertheless, a number of specific differences between women’s and men’s speech patterns have been found, and understanding what has led to them has intrigued scholars.

Although several issues germane to the debate on political correctness go beyond the scope of this chapter, at the heart of this controversy is the question of what language behaviors are appropriate and what language behaviors are inappropriate.

Speaking appropriately means choosing language and symbols that are adapted to the needs, interests, knowledge, and attitudes of listeners in order to avoid language that alienates them.

Laura replies, Good luck-they’ve had some real trouble with their schools.

On the basis of Laura’s statement, Parker may worry about the effect is move will have on his children.

So, according to studies of the actual speech practices of men and women, women are more likely to use words such as awfully, quite, and so (as in It was quite lovely or This is so important). Even though the differences are relatively small, they have judgmental consequences: “Observers perceive the female and male speakers differently based on their language use” (p. Female speakers are rated higher on sociology intellectual status and aesthetic quality.

Hedges are modifying words that soften or weaken the meaning of the idea represented by the original word. similar, In fact, it is so indistinguishable that native speakers of American English cannot correctly identify which language examples were produced by women and which were produced by men” (p. Thus people perceive women as having high social status, being literate, and being pleasant as a result of perceived language differences. That is, people perceive mentor be stronger and more aggressive as a result of their language differences.

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