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When Dawson tells the group that she's been taking med school classes, Hallie sweetly offers Dawson the chance to shadow her at the hospital for extra experience whenever she'd like.Dawson is touched by the gesture, but also secretly frustrated that the fiancee of a man she has feelings for is a genuinely nice person.Casey tells Severide they need to clear out, as the structure could give at any moment, but Severide demands a saw and keeps Peter talking.

Hallie watches, touched by how good Casey is with them.

The team rescue two teens trapped in a car and Casey and Hallie have more problems in their shaky relationship. Kelly tells her he's been meaning to come by, but Heather stops him, fire in her eyes.

Grabbing a cup of coffee, Severide runs into Heather and the kids at the local cafe. She claims Andy would have never even been a firefighter had he not known Severide.

Severide looks on, distressed that he couldn't save Peter.

The crew attends a white board meeting where they discuss the mistakes made during Darden's death in hopes of preventing such future tragedies.

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  • Godard mon Amour Movie Cast, Plot and Release Date – The.

    Plot Originally titled Le redoubtable during its festival run, Godard, mon amour frames a pivotal moment in time and cinema's most influential filmmaker, as he deals with his profound artistic crisis leading up to the unrest of May '68. With cultural and political change in the air, Jean-Luc Godard Louis Garrel is reexamining.…