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In addition, issues such as incentives, the contents of a property, lease structures, and financing need to be addressed so as to insure a proper tax valuation.This course will give commercial real estate brokers a working knowledge of the property tax valuation process, the relationship between various transaction structures and property taxes, and how a property’s valuation is used with other variables to determine a property’s tax bill.

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Topics covered include: Red Flags, what are they and what causes them; Exterior property defects; Interior property defects; Defects associated with environmental hazards, who to contact in regard to Red Flags and much more.

Licensees will be able to apply the following to their daily use of social media: Summarize Fiduciary Responsibilities and Duration, Define Federal, State, County and City Protected Classes, Name Common Forms of Intellectual Property, Demonstrate Violations of the Internet Data Exchange. Topics covered include: History of the Shopping Center Concept; Types of Shopping Centers; Shopping Center Classifications; Shopping Center Development Process; Shopping Center Site Selection; Shopping Center Design; Marketing Considerations; Lease Terms and the Shopping Center Merchant’s Association.

* This course provides students with practical information on remediation, reducing liability, sampling and testing kits, health effects of mold, and the differences between mold and other environmental red flags. This course, while specifically designed for someone interested in getting into the field of office building development and management, is equally suitable for the office building professional who aspires to a more thorough understanding of office building operations.

Improve the standards of your calling and be intentional in your service to all.

This course is designed to survey important issues in listing agreements and commission agreements, and to suggest language which can be utilized in leases and purchase and sale agreements to benefit the broker.

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