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So basically you have unruly kids, it's like hey, I'm all done, here you go state of Nebraska!I can understand if you have small kids, infants, newborns then by all means, if you absolutely have used every single resource and you just cannot care for this child, then please let the state do it for you. I think people out there from what I've been reading are dropping off mostly teenagers. You know, when I divorced my husband and I took custody of our two kids (we had joint custody but I raised them).

I think it is a GREAT law, they should do that in every state.It just really gets under my skin when I read a new updated story about how another parent dropped off their teenager under the new law. I think its just another case of our societies dregs. Someone else on here said it best with the comment: "Free range child rearing" Let someone else deal with it.Its really got to suck for kids to be unfortunate enough to be born into these families where commitment only lasts till they get a better offer.I would much rather have those children in a safe environment.Many parents keep their children when they should give them up. This man at least had the foresight to aknowledge that he could not properly care for his kids.Why on earth would you raise your kid that long and then take the easy out? There were many hard times, there were times I was ready to drop them off to his house to which he would always respond that I would then be "abandoning them" and he would have full custody, blah blah yes, there were times it would have been SO easy to drop them off and let him have at it but no, I couldn't and no, I wouldn't. If they would have turned out horrible that would have been my fault and as a parent, it's MY job to raise my kids - through good and bad times.Parents need to realize that parenting is a full time job and it lasts far beyond the cute toddler years.It is AT LEAST an 18 year committment, sometimes longer.I agree that it is horrible, it's unimaginable to me that somone could even think about doing something so horrid but the truth is ppl do it and this law protects children who otherwise may have been left somewhere less safe. I've been hearing about this in the news, because I do not live too far away from NE, and it is totally shocking to me!You will always have those who abuse the law as in this case but I would much rather see a newborn brought to a safe haven than dumped in some trash can somewhere.......reality is pretty harsh. I am with you andrea, I cannot imagine ever detaching from my children in that way.

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