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Want to make sure you get the photos you’re paying for on time? Want to make sure food for that photographer is covered in the meals you paid for? Pay attention and use this experience as an opportunity to really lean in, hone your negotiating skills, and be a badass bride who knows her legal rights.

Brace yourself and imagine that something goes wrong: your flowers don’t arrive, your dress was cut too short in alterations, or your band starts packing up to leave after playing for only an hour.

Yep, it is totally annoying when someone does it in conversation, but it is totally awesome in a written contract.

If your mom and dad have agreed to pay for the venue, they need to be the ones signing the contract.

Does your vendor require some (or all) of the money up front before they will do any work, or do they send you an invoice after the wedding?

The law recognizes verbal contracts, and we all know that they happen every day, but do you really want to be arguing with your florist on your wedding day about whether you two agreed on five bridesmaid’s bouquets or eight?

The problem with a verbal contract is that there is almost no way to prove that you are right, even if you KNOW that you never would have ordered five bouquets when you have eight bridesmaids. Some contracts must be in writing in order to be enforceable (for example, contracts for services that cannot be completed within one year or contracts for the sale of goods over $500).

Second, your goal is to be clear enough that an outsider (possibly a judge) could read it and understand what you two agreed upon. Not every photographer has the same understanding of terms like “photojournalism” and “detail shots.” Because so many weddings today are a group effort, wedding contracts need to be specific as to who is obligated to pay.

If you sign a contract saying that you will pay a certain amount of money, you are obligating yourself (YOU individually) to pay.

If you sign something that says you are required to pay a fifty percent late fee, it’s going to be really hard for you to prove that the vendor verbally told you that she would waive any late fee.

The written contract controls, so make sure the writing accurately reflects your understanding of the agreement. Make some notes on that written contract before you sign it. If your vendor scoffs at adding notes, especially if those notes simply restate the verbal assurances she has already given you, you need to find a new vendor. Don’t let them tell you that they can’t change things simply because those things are printed on their standard form.

An offer, acceptance, and consideration on the part of both parties.

“Consideration” just means what the person is required to do (or not do) under the contract.

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