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A dovetail mount is another design where you mount a separate bracket that has a dovetail groove in it.It is designed to take on and off of the bow easily, whereas the fixed plate design stays on the bow at all times.This happens because of inconsistent anchor and bow torque which causes misalignment.

React technology is precise at predicting the pin gap, and bases it’s calculation on a distance between 20 yards and all other yardage.

Compound bow sights come in moveable, fixed, 3D competition, and pendulum styles: In our opinion, Trophy Ridge 5 Pin Sight is the best bow sight for hunting out there.

This pin sight boasts Smart Pin technology resulting in dead-center accuracy at various distances.

A Rheostat light is included which provides different levels of brightness different light conditions.

This bow sight has made a huge impact in the archery world with its innovative Retina Lock Alignment Technology.

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