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They are ready to be used and abused as they should be and they want to do anything you command.

And yes, it goes without saying, as a submissive or slave you are also due appropriate respect from anyone else you come across, including Dominants.

As you wander around the internet, you'll find there are many chat rooms or communities that will insist a submissive or especially a slave, seek permission to enter the chat room before she begins to chat.

We are a real-time, real life couple living in a 24/7 BDSM Master/slave relationship.

We have a huge variety of interests ranging from mild to pretty hardcore.

She: 23, 5'1, 125lbs, 36C, shaved/waxed, long blonde hair, hazel/green eyes and a HUGE libido.

Very obedient and submissive to her Master she will be any kind of slut she's told to be and love every minute of it.Are you intelligent, outgoing and capable of learning?Does pleasing and serving others give you a strange sense of inner satisfaction? It makes you happy, delirously, ecstatically happy, to let go, to let another have all the power and make all the decisions.BDSM Chatters has hundreds of completely free adult chat rooms where you can meet other BDSM and Bondage fans.Remember, if you embarrass yourself, you also embarrass your Dominant.BDSM Chat has dozens of free chat rooms where you can meet other BDSM and bondage lovers.Members are free to create their own or join any of the existing chat rooms.You are the Master she is your slave and you call the shots with these online female sex slaves.We have so many domination scenarios – We need dominant males who can control our naughty females, they have been dirty girls and they need to be taught a lesson, enter into our live rooms and start your journey into taming these dirty sluts.[public] created by Hairy Chested Does the thought of being tied down, bent over and being used excite you?Do you find yourself dreaming of being an object toy a central theme in your fantasies?

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