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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Many women question a man over 50 been never married and come to a quick judgement of not even given a chance. Tell me ladies what is so bad about not being married over 50.Tell me ladies what is so bad about not being married over 50. Many times these men just haven't found the Miss right to live everlasting with. OP: There are many people who do not want to date or get involved with someone who has reached middle age without having been married. However, what I have read in forum posts is that they believe someone who has never married is unable to make a commitment to a relationship, is too selfish, and maybe they think it is just plain wierd.

Good's completely stupid to make assumptions about somebody who is fifty-ish and has never been married. if somebody comes off with concerns like that to you, well then they have just self-eliminated as far as i would be concerned.

anything, i would tend to take the opposite view....

Please keep in mind that I was married to such a bachelor, so have a very different perspective, but I would not paint everyone with the same brush and always give someone with potential a chance. OP your profile is short and sweet but doesn't give any hint of a social life.

I would ask do you have guy friends who you go out for a drink with? Like kitty purrr, I would like to go back in time to take my own advice, but if a man doesn't have a social network and relationship history, then he's been living in his own head for too long to make sharing life with another person a pleasant experience. If the man is over 45, say, never been married or in any kind of long term relationship, and has no male buddies or friends, and is a loner, THERE IS A REASON (OR MORE), and it is probably not a good one.

One of my thoughts about those of us who have reached middle age without marrying is that our current baby boomer generation is truly the first generation in history for which there was little to no pressure to get married.

Attitudes changed after the 1950's, and many couples chose to live together w/o marriage (which was accepted by society), and there was simply no pressure to marry. I regularly meet people who are 40 or over and have yet to marry.

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I am a sincere woman - I say what I feel and I do what I think is right. Indeed, I do believe what goes around comes around.

And I'm sure in some cases this is true, but to blatantly paint all middle aged singles with the same brush is unfair and biased.

I am getting to know a man who is 55 and was first married at 50.

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