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Married women feel lonely and neglected because their husbands no longer pay attention to their needs or wants.

Thankfully with over 12 years of discreet relationship advice, and sucessful dates, makes it easy for men to find married women who are desperate for something new or just like-minded casual dating.

But try your best with your wife to sort things out or leave her with her dignity about a relationship that just didn't work rather than the shame of having married a cheater...

after all, sometimes a relationship just doesn't work for whatever reasons and it's not fair to ruin the other person for it.

Well I'm sorry if I caused any of you to get down of your high horses and took up some of you valuable chat or date searching time.perhaps someone can suggest a more "friendly" forum or site? so edit profile is a "technical know how" now it is? I've never cheated in my life nor would I help someone cheat. No, I'll admit there is no one to blame for my situation but myself, however I have been cut off from my outside circle years ago do to some "issues" on the part of my wife, and now I'm simply searching to find others who may have already gone through or are currently going through something similar.

Believe me if I was just looking to cheat or rip off a piece of ass I wouldn't have any problems with finding that, but thats not why I'm here.

Check it again, I am looking to chat with other women AND MEN who may be in a similar situation.

I never was and can't see me ever becoming a cheater.Married women looking for much more than dinner and a movie.The married dating community is an active playground full of surprises and discreet encounters that you can experience today when you set up a profile.Lonely Cheating is a discreet married dating service that allows men and married women to find and set up dates privately online.The fact is, that in todays difficult relationships more and more wives find themselves unfulfilled in their marriage.But you don't know the hell I live or why I put up with it.I am just looking to find some people preferably younger folk who may be in similarl situations. NICE, if I had the technical know how of how to do whatever it is I'm being accused of, so much for finding the non judgmental advice I was in search of. was my original post asking for women who want to have secret hot sex with a married man?Is anyone else in here in a similar situation or have been in this situation and can offer advice? She is the one in the "similar situation " that will have more answers than anybody else . You'll end up creating a triangle of deception that will make you even more miserable in the end.Maybe you could take her to a pre Valentine's brunch . I wish you the best of luck figuring out your problems, it's not an easy place to be.Whether you are shy or outgoing there is someone here for everyone. Continue to the next step and create your online profile and let these cheating wives know what attracts you and how to get in touch.There is no shame in letting them know your married dating fantasies.

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