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Mike often steps in to keep Zack in line, while committing various cunning schemes reminiscent of the ones he concocted in high school.

Generally Other university faculty and staff that were regularly featured in "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" were Professor Jeremiah Lasky and Dean Susan Mc Mann.

However, when Slater had to take over the lead vocals during the dance because Zack was outside talking to Kelly, when they broke up Ollie (a minor character on Saved by the Bell) took over on drums.

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When Zack was possibly not going to compete in a track meet, Mr.Other friends that are regularly featured are Mikey Gonzalez, a close friend who is often involved in Zack's scheming, and Nikki Coleman, who often butts heads with Zack on many issues.His best friend Mikey is a good student and is often supportive of him, and helps him with schoolwork a lot. Belding was the principal of JFK Junior High, and often had to deal with problems Zack had caused.Zack generally gets along well with Professor Lasky, with the exception of a short period where Professor Lasky dates Kelly, which upsets Zack because it makes him realize he still had feelings for her.Dean Mc Mann, however, is a more authoritative figure for whom Zack often causes problems.He experienced some success in each of these sports.In ninth grade, Zack finished in third place at a cross country meet.However, in Saved by the Bell: The College Years, we see Zack attending Cal U, along with Screech, Slater, who had originally planned on attending Iowa to join their wrestling program), and later on, Kelly, who joined the cast after the pilot episode.Their dorm was a suite, with the three guys in one room, three girls in another room and a common area in-between.Zack's homeroom teacher and history teacher, Miss Carrie Bliss, also acts as a moral compass for Zack.In this series, Zack is already doing much of the scheming, betting, and manipulation for which he became known in the later series.

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