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In tonight's episode, Elizabeth plays an integral role as she helps her husband, Peter (Tim De Kay), spy on Neal (Matt Bomer), which leads to some pretty climactic moments. I think that one thing I would change about her is I always wish she was more demanding of her husband's time.So what does Thiessen, 38, think about her Glamour: You've said that your character, Elizabeth Burke, is the role that is most similar to you in real life. Tiffani Thiessen: Wow, I think a lot of things I admire about her actually. I admire her passion and her entire relationship with her husband. There is so many things that I absolutely love about her. [laughs] I think the one thing that is so nice and sweet about her is that she is so understanding, and that's why their relationship does work."I think they were touching on a subject that is sometimes popular – with kids dating people that are older or younger.

We've got some returning people that were really fun last season, and we have a lot of new guests."She continued, "The most anticipated guest, I would probably say, Mark-Paul Gosselar. Despite the many years that have passed since the show ended and all the new endeavors she's taken since, Thiessen says she still doesn't mind being asked about ."I have fond memories of that show. "Not to mention, she takes it as a compliment when younger kids recognize her. It's kind of funny little kids come and going, 'You kind of look like that girl on that show.' It's pretty funny."Speaking of little kids, Thiessen also got to chatting about her own little ones and some of the responsibilities that come along with motherhood, including the hot topic of breastfeeding."Here's the thing: I'm not the person who gonna whip up my boob and show everybody my breast," she explained.

Although don't quote me on that, because next season we could have a kid on the show! Glamour: It was recently announced that Mark-Paul Gosselaar is going to be guest-starring as himself on . I think it's always fun to do something different, especially when you're on a TV show six months out of the year playing the same character, we love playing something different. I could go bankrupt buying: Kids clothes for Harper!

Glamour: What was it like this summer with all the and the crew put their own pictures in the place of all the other guys except for Matt Bomer. When the movie first came out, I went and saw it with all my male gay friends. Would you consider doing something like that, or even recreating Kelly Kapowski like Mark-Paul did on Jimmy Fallon?

piece, Tiffani Thiessen could not be any cooler (hello—did you see how open and appreciative she was of her time at Bayside High?

), and now she's kicking it as the amazing super-wife and career gal Elizabeth Burke on USA's .

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