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Without doubt, Ito was the catalyst for the generations that followed, and it was through her that the JSF gained a lot of valuable knowledge.

“We learned that having just one talented skater was not good enough.

Yamada said her initial goal was for Ito to be able to financially support herself in the future through her skating.

Machiko Yamada, who competed in the 1960s, recalled how different figure skating was during her era than it is today.

“I did not enjoy skating because my coaches were very strict and I was afraid of them.

The following year, Ito became the first Asian to ever win a World title.

The little girl from Nagoya had become a global skating sensation.

“Back then, we always looked up to the top Western skaters and tried to copy them,” Yamada recalled.

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“But I felt that as long as we were copying somebody, we would never become number one.”Ito then started working on the triple Axel, a jump no woman had ever landed, and at the 1988 NHK Trophy she cleanly executed the first triple Axel in international competition.

“The three of them challenged each other and the rivalry helped all of them to become better skaters.

Rivalry was always the key.”Emi Watanabe was the first lady to medal at a World Championships, capturing the bronze in 1979.

Looking back on her own career, Yamada said she realized that if she had enjoyed skating more, she probably would have done better. “I noticed her because she was enjoying skating so much — she never wanted to stop.”Shortly after joining Yamada’s class, Ito’s talent became apparent to everyone.

“When I started coaching, it wasn’t like I had a big ambition, but I decided that I would make sure my students enjoyed skating.”She remembers the day she first spotted a tiny 5-year-old Ito skating tirelessly around the rink. Ito mastered four different triple jumps while she was still in elementary school. When Ito’s parents separated and her family situation became complicated, she began spending more time at Yamada’s home, moving in permanently at age 10.

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