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Manually updating punkbuster for aa3

The Master Browser Server will appear, with the default screen being for online play over the Internet.

Before doing anything else, make sure there is a tick mark against the 'Enable Punk Buster' setting at the bottom of this screen to enable the Punk Buster anti-cheat software (See Punk Buster section in the Troubleshooting Tips section, and further below).

Note that there are two Ping figures shown, the figure to the left of the slash is the ping to the server (which is most relevant for our purposes); the figure to the right is the average ping of all the users on that server.

That is, open the console and type Start SFSnake Plain or Start Interdiction and the relevant map will be loaded.

For example you can filter for servers which are not password protected, and which are not empty.

Go through the categories listed on the left side and select all the options which suit you, and when you click the 'Apply Filters' button at the bottom of the browser, it will refresh with the servers which meet your filtered requirements.

Punk Buster Updates Punk Buster is the official anti-cheat software used in America's Army.

You can find out more about it on the Punk Buster America's Army Support Site.

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